SMA debuts residential rapid shutdown system to use with Sunny Boy


SMA’s much-anticipated Rapid Shutdown System is now available for immediate shipping to the North American residential PV market. Engineered for use with SMA’s Sunny Boy inverter line with Secure Power Supply—including the new 5.0-US and 6.0-US models—this simple, reliable and cost-effective solution achieves all requirements for 2014 NEC 690.12 rapid shutdown. It includes the SMA Rapid Shutdown Box and SMA Rapid Shutdown Controller.

“Matching Sunny Boy inverters with the UL-listed Rapid Shutdown System creates a full-package solution, centered around SMA’s best-in-class technology,” said Marko Wittich, SMA executive vice president of sales for the Americas region. “It achieves compliance in areas enforcing or in the process of adopting the 2014 NEC, including Hawaii and Massachusetts.”

The SMA Rapid Shutdown System is designed to seamlessly pair with the Sunny Boy TL-US and 5.0-US/6.0-US inverters with Secure Power Supply, for optimal system performance. It operates by the array’s DC power and enables Secure Power Supply functionality during daytime grid outages without interfering with the inverter’s AFCI, ensuring safe system operation at all times. With the SMA Rapid Shutdown Box, solar installers are also able to connect multiple strings of modules to independent inverter channels.

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The most simple and reliable rapid shutdown solution for residential systems using Sunny Boy inverters, the SMA Rapid Shutdown System includes hybrid switches for disconnecting with optimal long-term reliability, allowing for thousands of cycles without degradation. Its automatic self-test upon startup ensures proper function of the Rapid Shutdown Box while pre-wired MC4 connectors and snap terminals on the inverter side facilitate faster, easier installation with reduced error risk and no extra material necessary.

The SMA Rapid Shutdown System also is a cost-effective solution that limits additional equipment and labor costs while still supporting flexible system design. The SMA Rapid Shutdown Box not only replaces the junction box, but also is slim enough to mount under the module, allowing installers to utilize the whole roof space for the modules with no visible box. Integrated inverter discharging fulfills NEC requirements while the Rapid Shutdown Controller’s LED indicator lights ensure safe operation for first responders. All components adhere to the SMA standard of quality, ensuring a long lifespan and preventing replacement costs and labor down the road.

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