Sense Solar Revenue Grade validates PV without relying on cell networks

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Sense debuted a home energy monitor with revenue grade capabilities to validate solar production without relying on a cellular network. Sense Solar Revenue Grade ensures that solar homeowners can continue to participate in SREC programs and take advantage of financed solar systems that require revenue grade monitoring as cellular carriers end their 3G services.

Available only to solar providers, Sense Solar Revenue Grade validates solar generation data at an accuracy level of +/- 0.5%. This enhanced accuracy meets the obligations required by nearly any third party for monitoring residential solar production for a home. Sense Solar Revenue Grade has been UL certified and delivers robust and secure measurement of production at revenue grade accuracy.

Why this matters: Between 2010-2020 more than 2 million residential solar panels were installed in the U.S. Affordable financing options for homeowners accelerated market adoption by reducing upfront costs, and SREC markets shortened the time for a positive return on investment. These financial models rely on solar meters that provide accurate measurement of solar production and communicate that information back to both homeowners and third parties that service them. However, as wireless providers retire their 3G networks, communications for many of these customers’ systems are at risk, creating a problem for both solar providers and their customers.

Sense Solar Revenue Grade bridges this gap while delivering added value to customers. It validates system production data without added subscription costs or cellular data fees. Also, Sense Solar Revenue Grade eliminates the need for costly meter swap-outs with each cellular network upgrade.

The Sense Solar Revenue Grade unit installs inside the main service panel in a home. Production and consumption data can be monitored from the Sense partner platform or through integrations with other third party platforms leveraging the Sense API. In the Sense app, homeowners see real-time solar production and home energy usage, giving them insights that help them maximize savings.

Today more than 500 solar providers have partnered with Sense to add value to their offerings across North America, including Solgen Power, SUNation and Energy Service Partners.

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