Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy System gives homeowners more insight into energy usage

smart home energy management

Schneider Electric announced the second generation of its Wiser Energy System, an integrated monitoring system that gives homeowners more insight into their energy activity and use. Through a new partnership with Sense, whose intelligent home energy technology interprets the power usage and activity of devices in the home, Wiser Energy will provide real-time, easy-to-understand, actionable data to help homeowners make their homes greener, more efficient and, um, wiser.

“Today’s energy costs are continuing to rise, so now it is even more important than ever to give homeowners more control over their energy use,” said Christopher Keefe, Future Offer Manager Schneider Electric. “The second generation of Wiser Energy does just that. By providing homeowners easy-to-interpret, real-time access to energy data, they will be empowered to take control of their energy usage, improve their efficiency and maximize their savings. Additionally, homeowners will achieve peace of mind by understanding what is happening inside their home from anywhere. We are excited to make our customers’ homes safer and smarter.”

What can it do?

The second generation of Wiser Energy extends the power of the smart home with enhanced capabilities.

  • Homeowners can track the activities of individual devices in the home and set custom alerts to notify them when something turns on/off, or if anything unusual is happening.
  • Simplify daily, independent life for an aging population while providing peace of mind to loved ones and caretakers that electrical systems and appliances are working safely.
  • With hundreds of thousands of new-construction solar builds in California by 2020, homeowners can rest assured they’re maximizing the return on their investments with real-time solar monitoring capabilities and analysis.

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