S2A Modular has an exclusive graphene solar PV technology to power its green homes

graphene solar s2a modular

S2A Modular – creator of an electrically self-sustaining smart-connected luxury residence, the #GreenLuxHome (which we profiled in our Countdown to 2020 series)– is the only modular residential/commercial building entity with the right to feature patented PV Graf technology from FreeVolt, a disruptive European solar company that has developed the world’s first and only graphene solar panel.

Here’s why this could be a big deal.

  • PV Graf technology eliminates thermal stress during production and cracking that results from that production – resulting in dramatically longer service life and far better, lasting efficiency. Production costs are also lowered by removing the need for metals like silver and copper.
  • PV Graf technology creates more than 20 percent greater energy production (kWh per kWp). The graphene-based material also makes the new technology immune to temperature and other environmental factors that otherwise would reduce production of current. No matter what mother nature brings, PV Graf technology delivers consistent and better performance. And moisture is no longer a threat.
  • Graphene is 200 times more  durable than steel. The scientific properties associated with graphene, including near-indestructible qualities, enable PV Graf technology to virtually eliminate degradation. Extreme durability dramatically extends service life and removes almost all the reliability issues that have been associated with other solar panels.

FreeVolt S2A Graphene Solar

“It’s a completely different solar science, with patented architecture and materials, that turns the industry on its head,”  said Ryan Leusch, business development director of S2A Modular. “With current solar panels, effectiveness declines in as little 5-6 years when materials begin to degrade and energy output decreases. With FreeVolt’s PV Graf technology, which brings a near-indestructible quality, service life and energy production are dramatically enhanced – while also eliminating degradation and making it immune to any temperature or weather factors that negatively affect other solutions out there.”

The full #GreenLuxHome incorporates a Tesla Powerwall for storage. Combine that with the potential benefits associated with graphene solar panels and a centralized smart home system that controls many aspects across the household – from energy, electronics, appliances, security and more — and you may be looking at the future of homebuilding.

Only S2A #GreenLuxHome units and commercial buildings will be able to feature PV Graf™ panels built-in – ushering in an exciting new era in solar technology and green living worldwide.”

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