Rundown of Trina Solar’s 210mm solar modules


Starting with the standardization of 210mm module sizes, reducing manufacturing cost and LCOE with 210mm high-power modules has become a trend in the PV industry. Around 60 percent of the 600W+ modules exhibited at this year’s SNEC in Shanghai used 210mm wafers. Last month, nine companies agreed on standardizing the dimensions of rectangular silicon wafer modules based on the 210mm size.

Among the top global solar module manufacturers, Trina Solar has been out in front of the push for 210mm wafers, calling it the “golden size,” and for the standardization of module sizes, which would benefit the entire industry chain.

“On the one hand, the needs of downstream customers for various PV settings will be fully met and customer value will be maximized,” Trina Solar states. “On the other hand, this can provide a practical way of maximizing the value of the upstream and midstream of the industry chain and reduce the cost of the entire industry chain.”

The company presented its 210R products at a semi-annual meeting of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association in mid-July. Here is an overview of what was presented.

Trina Solar’s 210 products include small, medium and large-format modules, covering the entire power range of 400W-500W-600W+. The company says optimization of formats has delivered improvements in efficiency and value in a broad range of settings, including large power plants and for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Utility-scale | In terms of large-format modules, Trina Solar has put on the market Vertex 670W and Vertex N 700W modules based on its advanced 210mm technology platform, enabling the industry to enter the PV 6.0 era and embrace 700W+.

Trina solar 210mm wafer chart

Based on 210mm wafers, the dimensions of 2172x1303mm modules with 60 cells and 2384x1303mm modules with 66 cells were the first to be standardized in 2021, resulting in the group standard T/CPIA0003-2022, concerning dimensions and mounting hole locations. Vertex N 700W+ modules, renowned for their LCOE performance for ground-mounted power stations, are expected to go into mass-production next year.

Commercial & industrial | In April Trina Solar took the lead in launching its 210R modules. This series is the first of what are being called golden size modules in the medium 2384x1134mm format. Not only is their performance dramatically improved, but they are also designed to make great use of space in shipping containers. The modules of this size allow for container space use of 98.5%, the highest level available.

The Vertex N 605W modules, developed using advanced n-type i-TOPCon cell technology, came onto the market in November. The dimensions of this series of module are 2384x1134mm, with power 30W higher than that of other products on the market. This superior dimensional design allows perfect utilization of the tracker length. Compared with conventional n-type modules with 72 cells, the installed capacity on a single row of trackers is increased by 13%. Compared with the previous generation of medium-format products, Vertex n-type 605W modules cut BOS by 1.8%~4.5%.

By the first quarter of this year the volume of shipments of 2384x1134mm (including 2384x1096mm) modules had reached 30GW. Cumulative shipments are expected to reach 50GW by the end of this year.

Residential | Vertex S modules have been developed based on extensive research and targeted settings designs. They are characterized by how small they are and how much power they produce, perfect for the needs of customers for distributed projects wherever they are.

The specifications of the new generation of Vertex S modules, developed with 210R rectangular wafer technology, are up to 450W, with dimensions of 1762x1134mm and just 1.998m2, with power increasing by 10~15W to 450W, achieving the highest power within 2 m2, with efficiency of 22.5% and weighing just 21kg. Vertex S+ not only meets the requirements of highly stringent German building safety regulations regarding upper size limit, but also the weight requirement of “less than 50 pounds (~23kg) for a single person to carry”.

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