REC rolling out Alpha Pure-R solar panels for residential markets this year

REC Group gave a peek at its latest high-efficiency solar panel at Intersolar Europe 2022, targeted at residential roofs with limited space. This new REC Alpha Pure-R features heterojunction (HJT) cells in the large G12 format in a patented panel design, and delivers an output of up to 430 Wp, while keeping the module under 21 ft2 in area.

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The REC Alpha Pure-R is scheduled to start production in August 2022 at REC’s new production lines in Singapore, doubling REC’s Alpha product line capacity from 600 MW to 1.2 GW. U.S. installers can get a better look at RE+ 2022 later this year.

At 210 x 210 mm, the G12 wafers and cells are bigger, meaning they output more power. However, most of the resulting modules are substantially larger, which is why to date G12 solar panels have been deployed mainly in large commercial and utility installations. With REC’s new panel design, the Alpha Pure-R shows that G12 can also work well for residential rooftop installations.

“The REC Alpha Pure-R really hits the sweet spot in terms of its size, weight, power output and handling,” says Jan Enno Bicker, CEO at REC Group. “With the new panel, we have managed again to pack more power into a compact panel size, enabling homeowners to be more energy independent, and contributing to the global energy transition.”

The REC Alpha Pure-R comes with a 9-amp current, making it compatible with various modern MLPE devices. Also new: the four-part junction box takes REC’s Twin Design a step further, dividing the panel into four strings and reducing the size of sections that switch off under shaded conditions. As a result, the panel can generate even more energy when partially shaded.

The new panel features 80 half-cut HJT cells in a gapless cell layout. The cell connection technology improves the current flow and eliminates soldering. Additionally, the low temperature coefficient keeps the solar panel running efficiently even on hotter days, generating more energy for households. This makes it ideal for warmer climates, or for generating as much energy as possible on sunny days.

REC’s 30 mm frame with its two support bars, make the panel robust enough to withstand heavy loads – up to 7,000 Pascal snow load and up to 4,000 Pascal wind load.

Like its predecessor, the REC Alpha Pure, the new panel is lead-free and RoHS compliant for less environmental impact.

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