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Details on smart upgrades in Quick Mount’s new QRail Tilt System for low-slope roofs

quick mount Qtilt racking system

Quick Mount PV launched its new QRail Tilt System to allow the installation of the QRail Racking System on a variety of low slope commercial and residential roof types–the most common type of commercial roof type in the U.S.

“Solar on flat roofs is a huge opportunity for growth for Quick Mount PV, QRail Tilt can help unlock that growth by removing some of the barriers that potential C&I and flat roof residential customers have had to solar adoption,” said Yann Brandt, Quick Mount PV’s President.

The QRail Tilt System utilizes the industry-standard QBase Deck Mount, which can be attached directly to the deck or a structural member based on site-specific requirements. Especially for buildings that have structural load constraints, QRail Tilt can make a solar project possible. The system can be installed at a 5 or 10-degree tilt with a large assortment of height options. Design assistance is available through Quick Mount PV’s technical team.

In addition, The QRail Tilt system allows access to the roof for maintenance and repairs without removing the array, enables installation over roof obstructions and prevents roof degradation that occurs with a ballasted system.

All Quick Mount PV products are manufactured at their California manufacturing facility. The company provides both virtual and in-person trainings for solar installers all across the country. Quick Mount’s Elevated Water Seal Technology has allowed the company to install over fourteen million roof attachments over ten-plus years with zero leaks.

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