POWERHOME SOLAR rebrands and refocuses as Pink Energy

Pink Energy
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Many solar installers are looking ahead and seeing the need to evolve and diversify beyond just installing solar. POWERHOME SOLAR, which is currently operating in 15 states and has more 2,100 employees, including a commercial division, is officially announcing its evolution with a new identity and some bolstered services.

The new name, Pink Energy, will go into effect on Earth Day on April 22, and embody the company’s commitment to the entire energy efficiency ecosystem.

“Our team is excited about launching a new name that is more relevant today and reflective of the evolution of our company,” said Jayson Waller, CEO of Pink Energy. “Though solar energy remains our primary focus, we believe in the entire energy ecosystem which includes backup battery systems, solar energy products and smarter energy solutions, even LED lighting.”

The name change is the first of many positive steps customers and employees will see over the coming months and years, which include:

  • Expansion of the Customer Experience team and a renewed commitment to improving customer service
  • 10-year labor workmanship warranty (previously 5 years)
  • Digital customer portal being launched giving new customers real-time insight into project status and timelines while providing existing customers a post-install communication and support tool

The company grew from the original 30 employees in 2015 to more than 2,100 employees today in 2022. Nearly 1,500 employees were hired over the past two years of the pandemic. Despite global hiring challenges, POWERHOME SOLAR continues to hire hundreds of employees in one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

“We’ve grown a lot over the past few years and are looking toward the future,” Waller said. “We are excited to roll out a new name that better suits us while we roll out new benefits for our customers and new growth opportunities for employees.”

Since 2020, POWERHOME SOLAR has been a distributor of equipment from Generac Power Systems. Pink Energy will continue to provide homeowners with a complete energy package that includes Generac battery storage components that are compatible with virtually all solar panel installations.

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  • Sad for customer
    April 14, 2022 15:23:08

    Class action lawsuit against powerhome solar responsible for name change? Same scheme different name?
    Dozens of customers were overpromised and under delivered.

    The bottom feeders of the solar industry!

  • Madeline
    April 22, 2022 13:55:40

    Can you please not promote this scam of a company? Have you not read the countless stories of positively devastated customers who are thousands and thousands of dollars in debt now because of PowerHome’s lies and deceptions, and in a contract they cannot get out of even though their panels aren’t even working?

    Instead of helping promote this horrible company, please consider helping get the word out about their atrocious business conduct and shady sales tactics.

  • Alyssa Ryan Calm
    April 25, 2022 12:18:25

    Who can I contact to join a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THIS COMPANY?!?!
    I cannot express how disgusted I am with this company. We purchased our system in the Fall of 2020 and scheduled installation for Feb 2021. The sales guy was friendly and seemed knowledgeable, even showing us pictures of his own Power Home system. We have panels on both the south facing and east facing portions of our roof to get maximum benefit, sales guy seemed confident that this size system should be plenty for the size of our house. We have about 24 panels altogether. Install was fine, although I had to ask the guys working to put booties on because they tracked mud through my kitchen, living room carpet, and down my carpeted basement steps and throughout the basement. To their credit, they did attempt to clean up the mud.
    Now to the panels themselves, our electric bill was somewhere between $109 and $135 depending on time of year before the panels. Once the panels were installed our bill dropped to $90, $50, and $30 in the first 3 months. Great, we were ecstatic, especially considering we were paying $180 a month for the panels themselves. We figured this was temporary and if we’re only paying $30 a month for electric eventually we’d really be saving money. We get into the 4th month (summer now) and our bill skyrockets to $150! WHAT?! How is this possible? I call Power Home and they tell me it’s an electric company problem so I call the electric company and they tell me it’s a solar panel problem and so this continues for 6 months, round and round we go, phone calls back and forth. My electric bill continues to climb over the next several months up to $190 (our usage has not changed in 2021 when comparing to 2020). Still paying the $180 a month for the panels. So now we’re more than double what we paid before the panels were purchased.
    Finally I submit a feedback request from Power Home Solar and explain how awful our experience is. Finally, I get someone calling me (this is November 2021 now) who explains that 16 of our panels have PV links that aren’t working. The PV link is essential to the panels actually producing power! Ok, the company is sending someone out to fix the links in January 2022. So now we’re at 9 of 11 months with 16 non-operational panels. So I ask about compensation for these panels, the customer service rep (who I have been talking with once a month for November, December, January, and February to ensure that our system is working right) says she will submit a request and we will touch base in March and I’ll get an update about the panels as well as the compensation. She got my voicemail so she left me a message with the generic customer service line and no way to reach her directly. WHAT?! This is weird and a definite change from the last several months where she has been helping me. I emailed her and called her extension that she left in a previous message. NO RESPONSE. No response to my emails. My panels do seem to be working but I’m still paying more that I was for my electric before we got the panels to begin with.
    Clearly, I’m not the only customer to have this problem, hence the other 1 star reviews here who have had similar problems as we have had. The company is now rebranding to Pink Energy (maybe because they have such a bad reputation that they can’t keep operating as Power Home Solar?!) save yourself the time and money.

  • Mickey Parker
    May 17, 2022 13:10:50

    Pink energy asa Powerhome solar,is the worst company to deal with,I want to be apart of the class action law suit,they promised the world gave nothing than works,failed inspections won’t fix problems that are fire hazard according to my utilities company,a rip off.