Phoenix Contact debuts 1-MW rooftop solar project atop Net Zero-certified plant

Phoenix Contact solar building
.The 1-megawatt solar power system is expected to produce over 40% of the energy needed for plant operations.

In 2017, Phoenix Contact needed to expand its operations and warehousing capacity in Middletown, Pa., which meant building a new 70,000 square foot addition on their campus. A key feature of the new expansion is the LCA building’s LEED Silver Certification as well as “Net Zero” certification — and a key feature of that is solar power, which was just recently installed.

TerraSol Energies, a Mid-Atlantic solar systems installer and commercial partner of SunPower, completed the 1 MW system this month. As a Net Zero building, the rooftop solar array power production will exceed the designed annual consumption of the building. Thus 100% of its electricity used is produced through renewable means onsite.

Phoenix is a renowned supplier to renewable energy industries decided that they needed to incorporate a solar energy system into the expansion project. TerraSol and Phoenix worked closely together to incorporate various Phoenix products into the project. The LCA building photovoltaic solar system project includes:

  • 2,185 DC-power-producing SunPower solar modules on the roof integrated with Phoenix’s building management system and monitoring using Phoenix components
  • 1,241,235 kWh produced annually
  • 4,070 cement blocks used as ballast and capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds up to 109mph
  • 40+ year life cycle with ultra-low maintenance and non-noise-producing energy production
  • LEED Silver and “Net Zero” Certification – annual electricity produced exceeds the designed annual consumption.

TerraSol earned the 2021 Commercial National Intelegant Award from SunPower for the project.

“TerraSol has demonstrated superior craftsmanship with the sleek design and installation of this SunPower system, featuring premium solar panels that are unmatched in performance, reliability, and aesthetics,” noted Tim Grahl, SunPower Regional Commercial Dealer Manager.

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