Pellucere ready to scale its Anti-Reflective, Anti-Soiling PV module coatings with new investors


MoreSun’s Anti-Soiling technology added up to 12% additional energy during a multi-year field test in the California Desert. The modules in the photo were not washed for a full year.

Pellucere Technologies Inc. is a U.S.-based sustainable technology focused company that manufactures anti-reflective and anti-soiling coatings for solar, automotive, and consumer electronics. Its flagship product is the MoreSun Anti-Reflective (AR) / Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for the solar market that reduces soiling rates up to 95%. Pellucere was recently awarded an American Made Solar prize from the U.S. Department of Energy and was a winner in the Iberdrola Startup Challenge for its solar anti-soiling products.

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Those results are drawing attention and investment dollars (especially considering news like this). Fortistar, a privately-owned investment firm, signed on to co-invest alongside existing investor Energy Innovation Capital (EIC) to fund the rapid growth of the company.

“Pellucere has exceeded our technical performance expectations and we are glad to have Fortistar’s strong operations-focused team recognize and join in the execution of the company’s growth plans,” said George Coyle, Managing Partner at EIC.

In 2021, Pellucere expects to complete installation of the MoreSun coating on more than 500 MW of retrofit solar projects in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Africa.

More on MoreSun. Pellucere was spun out of Oregon State University to commercialize the nano-technology developed by Dr. Chih-hung Chang and Dr. Seung-Yeol Han. The company has also developed and manufactures a patented robotic applicator system for the MoreSun coatings to enable high-precision, high-efficiency field application of the product.

MoreSun’s unique low-temperature curing technology allows it to be applied as a retrofit coating in the field for the approximately 70 GW of solar modules that do not have factory AR coatings. Extensive customer field data demonstrates that the product’s AR improvements will typically improve solar energy yield by 4% to 5% while the anti-soiling properties can improve energy yield up to an additional 4% to 8% in high dust environments.

In addition to the retrofit solar product, Pellucere also sells the MoreSun integrated Anti-Reflective/Anti-Soiling product to solar module and solar glass manufacturers. This single-step coating process allows solar original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide industry-leading AR performance as well as best-in-class anti-soiling performance at a far lower cost.

Later this year, Pellucere expects to begin commercial rollout of its new, award-winning Talus AS anti-soiling product. The Talus Dirt Rejection Technology adds an anti-soiling layer on top of factory AR coatings to reduce cleaning costs and energy losses due to dust and dirt accumulation.

In addition to MoreSun and Talus AS, the company has several other products currently in development in partnership with companies in the automotive and electronics industries. The company is based in Houston, Texas and Corvallis, Orego

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