Overview of Trina Solar’s 210mm modules at SNEC Expo


During the fifteenth SNEC Expo in Shanghai, China, Trina Solar showcased a bunch of cutting-edge technologies, from its advanced 210 Vertex modules to its TrinaTracker products. Here’s an overview of what you missed / can look for at SPI this year.

Trina Solar’s Vertex modules (550W and 600W+), using 210mm size cells, have the characteristics of high power, high efficiency and high reliability, suitable for large-scale ground mounted PV power plants and large industrial and commercial rooftop projects. The company says Vertex is capable of 34% more single-string power compared to traditional modules. The global orders for 210 modules has exceeded 12 GW till this April.

On the distributed side, Trina has the 410W+ Vertex S and the 510W+ Vertex modules. Compared with the conventional residential-use modules on the market, Trina’s Vertex S is smaller and lighter, yet with an impressive 410W high power output. The 510W modules have more advantages in cost reduction and efficiency increase. Calculations show that for the same-sized area, the Vertex 510W modules increase installed capacity by 11% and 22% compared with competitors’ 450W and 410W modules, respectively.

Trina Solar also exhibited the next generation of i-TOPCon and HJT module, which base on 210 technology. The i-TOPCon module possesses a maximum power output of 700W+, with efficiency of 22.3%. At the expo, Trina Solar has also shown HJT module, exceed 710W+, with efficiency of 22.87%, the highest one among peers.

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