OneRoof Energy Announces Two New Financing Options

OneRoof Energy today announced two new solar financing offerings to significantly expand its product suite and options for customers. In addition to the company’s flagship SolarSelect® lease, OneRoof Energy will offer both secured and unsecured loans for solar systems, delivering a breadth of options that allow homeowners to select the right type of financing for their individual needs.

oneroofIn 2012, more than 82,000 homeowners embraced solar energy as a viable alternative to rising electricity bills, but faced an often complex and daunting process of choosing the optimal way to “go solar.” OneRoof Energy is committed to making the process simpler and more accessible as demonstrated by its new loan financing options. In addition to leasing solar, the company’s new offerings include several secured loans up to 20 years and unsecured loans with terms up to 12 years.  The new flexible loans set a path to ownership and provide opportunities to receive applicable federal and state tax credits and benefits, which can significantly reduce the cost of the system to qualifying homeowners.

“Giving homeowners increased choice when considering clean energy will ultimately accelerate the already amazing growth of rooftop solar,” said David Field, president and chief executive officer, OneRoof Energy. “Our new loan options are a complementary addition to our signature SolarSelect lease product, which provides an extremely attractive option for homeowners who want to see immediate savings on their monthly utility bills without big upfront costs.”

While solar leasing remains the dominant financing product of choice, a significant number of homeowners desire lending options or find that the benefits of a path to ownership better suit their financial situation. OneRoof Energy’s new loan products have been integrated into the company’s proprietary SunOpps software platform, allowing its sales team to guide customers through the financing product selection process and build the specific solution that best works for them.

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