Nexamp community solar helps York County homeless shelter save money


The York County Shelter Program (YCSP), a non-profit in Alfred, Maine, has signed up for the Nexamp community solar program in order to reduce its annual electricity costs and become a more environmentally responsible provider. The organization relies mostly on grants, fundraisers and donations for its operating budget and is continuously looking for ways to make its financial resources go further. The savings from this project will stretch YCSP’s finances, allowing it to do more for individuals and families in need in the region.

YCSP is primarily a homeless shelter which also offers services to help clients rehabilitate. By taking approximately 400 kWs from the Nexamp community solar program, YCSP will partially offset its monthly CMP bills which will lead to meaningful savings. Each month, YCSP receives more than 100 separate electric bills representing the usage from its various rental units, shelters and administrative facilities. Finding an easy way to reduce this expense was a high priority.

“Our leaders have always wanted to do more to make our operation green, and this was a simple way to make real progress,” explained Lori Theriault, Housing Director, YCSP. “We have installed solar panels on some of our buildings, but for others it just is not practical. Community solar provides us with a way to increase our sustainability program without having to spend any money up front or install any equipment at our facilities. I enrolled in community solar for my own home, so I knew already that the program worked.”

Nexamp serves individual residents as well as larger commercial and non-profit customers. The company’s flexible community solar program makes it easy to subscribe to one or more projects as an anchor tenant. By taking part in the program, YCSP is paying for energy credits on its CMP bills at a fixed discount, achieving long-term savings and stability on its electricity costs while supporting the expansion of clean energy on the grid.

“We know that non-profits wrestle with tight budgets and can do more for their clients when they save money on operating expenses, so community solar is a great fit for many of them. It also aligns with their goals of being responsible stewards of both financial and environmental resources. YCSP is making a difference for folks in need, and we’re happy to make it a little easier for them to do their work,” said Allan Telio, Senior VP of Community Solar, Nexamp.

YCSP operates a homeless shelter for emergency assistance, offers affordable rental units for individuals or families in transition, provides substance abuse support, and runs a food pantry. The organization is responsible for more than 350 total beds across its shelter and housing units and assigns case managers to help clients with the support and skills they need to gain independence.

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