New Jersey Landfill gets 4.3-MW Solar Facility

A New Jersey landfill has recently been converted into a solar power generation facility capable of producing over 100 million kilowatt-hours of electricity over its lifetime. The solar project, which employs about 9,000 ENN’s PV panels and is located on the south slope of the Edgeboro Landfill in East Brunswick, New Jersey, was developed and constructed by ENN Solar Energy in partnership with National Energy Renewable Corp. LLC. The project utilizes very large state-of-the-art thin film silicon solar modules from ENN plus an innovative construction technique that helps to enable the use of a variety of wasteland for renewable energy production.

This 4.3MW solar site has undergone and successfully completed extensive compliance testing in preparation for connection to the power grid, making available its clean power output to New Jerseyconsumers through PSE&G (Public Service Electric and Gas Company), New Jersey’s oldest and largest publicly owned utility.

ENN Solar Energy, headquartered in Langfang, China, specializes in the manufacture of large (up to 5.7 sq. meters) PV modules which have been used in the development of various commercial and industrial projects throughout China, Europe and other areas. For the Edgeboro project, the installation of these large modules utilized a new “floating” architecture that securely anchors the solar panels to the landfill surface with no needs to penetrate the landfill cap that would increase the leaking risk of flammable methane gas.

“Through the comprehensive utilization of wastelands, such as landfills, abandoned industrial sites and deserts, we can develop and build substantial ground-mounted solar power plants that advance the future development of clean power,” said De-Ling Zhou, Chief Operating Officer of ENN Solar Energy. “ENN is committed to the development, construction, and deployment of PV and other clean energy projects, and will continue to seek out other idle land resources in North America where our renewable energy technologies, engineering and operational expertise can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ of integrated services.”

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