New England’s First 100% Solar Powered Printing Facility Flips Switch

At a celebratory event held last Friday, John Dumouchel said his company is giving new meaning to the words ‘green printing’; then he figuratively flipped the switch to turn on the newly installed new solar powered system that now powers The Artcraft Company in North Attleboro, Mass. This announcement makes this third-generation family-owned company one of the most environmentally conscious engraving and printing company in the United States. Artcraft is best known for its high-quality engraving services for business cards and identity systems, invitations and more.

From The Artcraft Company's Facebook page

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To customers, colleagues, friends and family at the celebration, Dumouchel said, “We’re moving into a new dimension as we transform our company. Today, I am very pleased to announce that The Artcraft Company is not only going solar, but with this change in how we power our operation, we can now produce the most environmentally responsible identity systems, and invitations possible. I want to go into the next generation doing the right thing for the communities in which we live and work.”

Artcraft, an FSC-certified printer, is now powering 100 percent of its engraving facility, and 50 percent of its offset department with clean, renewable, solar energy. “Research has shown that engraving is the most environmentally friendly print production technique available, and now we’re advancing the level of environmental savings by producing our customers projects through the use of solar power. We are excited to not only continue to support sound environmental practices within Artcraft, but to also make the most sustainable practices available to our customers,” said Dumouchel.

The Artcraft Company’s solar project is expected to reduce its Green House Gas emissions by over 5,226 tons of CO2 –equivalent to saving 10,774,845 miles of air travel, planting 209,032 trees, or not traveling 6,657,070 miles in an SUV.

This significant carbon footprint reduction is the result of the new solar powered system that Munro Distributing has recently installed at The Artcraft Company. Over 1,100 solar panels have been installed on the roof of Artcraft’s production facility. This is the largest commercial installation in North Attleboro, and Artcraft is the only U.S. engraving and printing company to be 100 percent solar powered.

Click the “Solar Powered” button on The Artcraft Company’s website to see a real-time running calculation of the solar energy that the company is generating on a daily basis.

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