Nevada officially passes bill for 100 percent renewable energy by 2050 (Updated article)

Nevada State Senate building entrance in Carson City

UPDATE (April 22): Nevada State lawmakers unanimously passed Senate Bill 358, which will put the Silver State on a path to getting 50 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030 and 100 percent from carbon-free sources by 2050. The bill now moves to Governor Steve Sisolak’s desk to be signed into law.

SB 358 makes Nevada the fifth U.S. state in addition to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico to legislatively commit to 100 percent clean electricity.

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Nevada, already one of the top clean energy states, is one step closer to expanding its generation and use of clean energy as the Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 358, which would boost Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50 percent by 2030. The bill now goes to the Nevada Assembly’s Committee on Growth and Infrastructure. Introduced by Senator Chris Brooks, SB 358 is expected to also see broad support in the Assembly, and Gov. Steve Sisolak has promised to sign it.

The policy and support for it reflect a vote in November 2018 for Question 6, in which Nevadans voted 59 to 41% to get half of the state’s energy from clean sources by 2030.

SB 358 received support from companies of all sizes doing business in Nevada, both in and outside of the clean energy sector.

“The Senate took an important step by passing SB 358. Across Nevada, renewable energy has lowered the state’s carbon emissions, created good jobs and generated new tax revenue for communities. SB 358, which increases the state’s commitment to renewable energy, promises to expand Nevada’s renewable energy industry. Thanks to leadership from Sen. Chris Brooks and his colleagues, Nevada will continue to benefit from the clean energy boom.” said Ben Serrurier, Cypress Creek Renewables.

“SB 358 adds Nevada to the ranks of leading states in the development of abundant clean, low-cost and efficient renewable energy,” said Sean Gallagher, vice president of state affairs for the Solar Energy Industries Association. “We’re grateful that Senator Brooks and legislators from both parties support increasing the state’s RPS.”


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