Megger with new digital low resistance ohmmeter


Megger now offers a digital low resistance ohmmeter that can deliver reliable results when using long test leads. The DLRO2, a 2 Amp handheld tester, is ideal for use in production line testing and industrial applications. This robust and intuitive handheld instrument offers a ‘difference meter’ that allows for quick data comparisons.

“While there are many low-resistance ohmmeters available, we believe that our new DLRO2 fills two significant gaps in the market,” said Paul Swinerd, a Megger product manager. “Unlike many other products of this type, the DLRO2 meets the growing need for working with long test leads, as well as offering the time-saving difference meter that, in many situations, effectively deskills low-resistance measurement.”

Long test leads not a problem

Applications that require long test leads are not a problem for the DLRO2 as it has a dedicated long test lead mode that optimizes the instrument to work with very long test leads. The unit’s long test lead function is able to provide up to 1A of test current into 4 Ohms resistance, making the DLRO2, with its optional cable test reel leads, ideal for testing wind turbine and avionic lightning protection applications.

Difference meter

The easy-to-use DLRO2 is equipped with a ‘difference meter’. This function allows repetitive measurements to be easily compared with an initial reference measurement. The difference meter translates percentage difference to a needle/pointer movement on the unit’s display to make it easier to see the change. This feature is particularly useful for testing series of manufactured products where the nominal resistance value for the product is stored, and the user only needs to note whether products subsequently tested are within the permissible percentage tolerance range.

Displays three measurements at once

Useful when testing three-phase equipment, the DLRO2 can display three measurements at once, providing a quick, easy and reliable way of comparing the resistance measurements for all three phases (for example, three stator windings or three phases of cable joints).

The DLRO2 offers three test modes including normal resistance, fast/long leads and inductive resistance.

Designed for safety

The lightweight and compact DLRO2 offers a robust construction and IP 54 ingress protection rating, making it resistant to shocks, as well as wet or dusty environments. Designed with safety in mind, the instrument has CATIV 300 V/CAT III 600 V safety ratings in line with IEC 61010, making it suitable for use on all types of low-voltage industrial systems.

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