Megger debuts new low resistance ohmmeter with ‘noise rejection mode’

Megger ohmmeter

Megger added to its family of digital low resistance ohmmeters to include the DLRO2X. This enhanced version of the DLRO2 features data storage, test limits and noise rejection test mode.

The DLRO2X includes all the same features as the DLRO2, but also has the ability to store test results by Asset ID and full results details for permanent record keeping and preventive/predictive maintenance. This means the effects of operation and environment can be trended over time to keep maintenance ahead of deterioration and failure. Test results can be proven to clients and oversight authorities and directly entered onto certifications.

This handheld meter is also equipped with a noise rejection test mode that allows the unit to take measurements in extremely noisy locations. This is made possible by Megger’s patented Confidence Meter — as current is passed continuously and in one direction, the DLRO2X feeds a stream of measurements into the meter. It is then refined until a stable, accurate measurement is obtained.

Repetitive measurements are possible through the DLRO2X difference meter. These measurements can be compared with an initial reference measurement, and the difference meter translates percentage difference to a needle/pointer movement to visually see the change.

In terms of robustness, the DLRO2X has a IP54 ingress protection rating, making it resistant to shocks, as well as wet or dusty environments. The instrument has CATIV 300 V/CAT III 600 V safety ratings in line with IEC 61010, making it suitable for use on all types of low-voltage industrial systems.

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