Maxeon extends warranty on IBC solar panel line to 40 years in select markets

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Earlier this week, Maxeon Solar Technologies announced that its Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar panel product line would now be widely available for C&I solar in the United States, working with Omnidian to sweeten the deal. Now, Maxeon is bumping the IBC warranty covering product quality, power performance and services in select markets to 40 years.

The new SunPower Maxeon 40 Year Warranty is effective for systems installed on or after January 1, 2022, for residential and commercial customers in select markets in EMEA as well as Australia, Japan, and Mexico (so no, not the United States yet).

How they did it

While most solar panel warranties provide 12 years of coverage on products paired with a 25-year performance (power) warranty, this new 40/40 warranty from Maxeon includes 40-year coverage for defects related to workmanship and materials, power output protection, and the servicing needed to repair or replace defective panels in select markets.

The new SunPower Maxeon 40 Year Warranty is based on external field studies from more than 33 million IBC panels deployed worldwide, comprehensive accelerated life testing by Maxeon and third parties, and a physics-based model which Maxeon uses to determine the expected performance impact over time from major degradation and failure modes. Collectively, these give Maxeon and our customers confidence that the SunPower Maxeon module technology can support a 40-year warranted life, and that continued operation beyond this period is certainly feasible.

The core technology behind Maxeon’s patented IBC cell and panel designs include fundamental design differences that the company says eliminate typical solar module failure modes – such as hotspots and cell interconnection failures. Maxeon IBC solar panels come with a minimum warranted output of 98% during their first year of operation, followed by a maximum annual degradation of 0.25% for the next 39 years.

The result is an 88.3 percent warranted power level at the end of 40 years, meaning Maxeon IBC panels deliver up to 9.5% more power after 40 years than standard solar panels deliver after 25 years.

The new warranty applies to current and future Maxeon IBC solar products, including the new Maxeon 6 solar panel which is scheduled to launch globally in mid Q2 2022.

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