Maxeon expands into home energy management via SunPower One

Maxeon SunPower One
Maxeon’s SunPower One, a Complete Home Energy Management Experience

Maxeon Solar Technologies wants to prove its value beyond premium PV panels, launching a new home energy solution for the global market except for the United States and Canada. Dubbed the SunPower One solution, the idea starts with proactive monitoring to advise homeowners on ways to optimize their energy usage. Over time, the system learns about a homeowner’s pattern of electricity consumption and suggests strategies to drive further energy bill savings.

For example, SunPower One can:

  • Identify “always on” devices in the home that are worth switching off to reduce energy consumption during periods of high electricity prices.
  • It can also expose malfunctioning appliances that may need a repair or replacement based on their abnormal electricity signals.
  • And, most importantly, with the appropriate products, it can enable smart use cases that increase self-consumption, such as charging an electric vehicle with excess solar production and running dishwashers or heating and cooling systems at optimal times.

At launch, Maxeon’s SunPower One will be exclusively packaged with Maxeon’s new SunPower Reserve all-in-one storage offering. Over this year, the Maxeon’s SunPower One ecosystem will grow and incorporate additional products in categories like electric vehicle charging, as well as software integrations and value-added services designed to expand the customer experience.

For the solar installer, this next step can also open up new revenue streams. Installers will have access to quoting and design tools, marketing and training, and automated processes to become an energy advisor, helping homeowners evolve with their needs and the market.   

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