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LONGi debuts Hi-MO module for residential, commercial solar

LONGi solar
LONGi Hi-MO 4m series modules

LONGi has formally launched its Hi-MO 4m (66C) module, designed for distributed generation (DG) applications. In addition to the 66C option, the company has also launched 60C and 72C versions of the module to an audience of more than 600 dealer partners and industry experts.

The three products cover power ranges of 370-385 W, 410-420 W and 450-460 W respectively, with a maximum efficiency of up to 21%, providing global DG clients with wider flexibility and choice.

At the launch event, Dennis She, LONGi Solar’s SVP commented: “LONGi will continue to increase R&D investment in technological innovation and expand the production capacity of our DG solar products to 10GW in 2021. The global residential rooftop market has specific requirements in terms of product performance and aesthetics and, in addition to providing high-quality solar products, LONGi is committed to providing our global DG clients with comprehensive energy service solutions.”

After years of steady growth, the global DG market has increased rapidly, accompanied by the emergence of diverse and targeted client demand. The Hi-MO 4m series modules are ultra-high-value products tailored exclusively by LONGi for the different needs of distributed clients and can be widely used on rooftops in residential, industrial and commercial applications.

LONGi has accumulated more than 3,000 DG clients worldwide, of which 500 are domestic within China. In 2020, domestic shipment volume reached 2.2GW, accounting for more than 20% of market share. LONGi is planning the industry’s first immersive touring solar exhibition to demonstrate advanced and efficient green lifestyles across 11 provinces and 47 cities in China, showcasing the “LONGi Solar House,” which incorporates high-efficiency solar roofs and walls, solar house power supply and a smart home lighting system.

“LONGi continues to adhere to its concept of ‘Solar for Solar’, acting as the portal and advocate for clean energy. We are confident about providing our state-of-the-art modules to partners and clients in the global DG market,” added Niu Yanyan, Head of LONGi Solar’s DG Management Department.

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