Lease option for solar installers now available in Enerflo sales platform

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Residential solar financing trends have shifted back to leases over loans — a market dynamic that typically benefits large national solar installers. Thanks to a new integration partnership with IGS Energy, solar sales platform Enerflo is now offering a fully managed lease option for residential solar via Sales Core.

“We’re thrilled to finally be able to offer the IGS Energy residential solar lease option to our partners (customers) on our platform through such a seamless integration,” said Pat Bennett, Enerflo Co-Founder & CEO.

Founded in 1989, IGS Energy is the third-largest energy retailer in the U.S., serving more than 1 million customers offering solar in CT, FL, MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VA. IGS Energy provides solar services for residential homes, businesses and communities and has deployed over $1B in the solar market, and today is managing over 28,000 systems for homeowners who choose to lease their array.

With the launch of the integration between IGS Energy and Enerflo, existing and new Enerflo partners can explore the potential of adding a lease option through IGS Energy into their mix of product offerings.

With an IGS Energy solar lease, consumers enjoy an average of up to 20% first-year savings on their solar panel installation while paying a predictable, fixed monthly price. Solar panel lease options offer consumers the ability to go solar without upfront panel and installation costs. IGS Energy also covers operations and maintenance costs for homeowners for the duration of the lease.

Enerflo, founded in 2019, has powered $7.5 billion in loans to date through its platform. The Enerflo Platform underpins the solar sales and fulfillment process for residential and light commercial solar sales dealers, installers/EPCs and hybrid organizations.

Together, Enerflo and IGS Energy share a common goal of making solar accessible for installers/EPCs and homeowners alike and this integration is a significant first step in achieving that.

“Giving Residential Solar Installers, EPCs and Sales Dealers access to lease through the Enerflo platform is an exciting step for our organization as our companies together have successfully created a first of its kind lease integration that is simple to understand and straightforward to utilize,” said Brandon Childers, IGS Energy Chief Operations Officer.

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