Kearsarge Energy seeks solar + storage revenue boost in ISO-NE via CES


Kearsarge Energy L.P taps Customized Energy Solutions (CES) to optimize the performance and revenue generation of their 4.4 MW solar and 10 MWh storage site in Bellingham, Mass. CES will deploy its bidding and scheduling optimization platform, GridBOOST, which they expected to increase the site’s revenue 20 to 50 percent via ISO-NE’s capacity and frequency regulation markets and state incentives.

Established in 1998, Customized Energy Solutions is a third-party asset manager of more than 13,000 MWs of renewable and conventional generation resources across all ISOs in the United States, Ontario, Canada and Guam.

Unlike the ramp-based generation profiles that have been traditionally used to guide storage dispatch and charging, GridBOOST integrates data from multiple sources to make its scheduling and bidding decisions. GridBOOST’s algorithm accounts for the technology constraints and operational performance of generation and storage assets, as well as external factors including market participation rules and limitations, day ahead and real time pricing forecasts, weather forecasts, and the benefit structures of available incentive programs to maximize the attainable market revenue of generation and storage assets.

GridBOOST is currently available in CAISO and ISO-NE, with plans to expand into new markets, such as ERCOT, PJM, and NYISO, in the near future.

“The ability to optimize asset performance and strategically schedule and bid energy and regulation will become increasingly valuable as more storage assets come online, driving stiffened market competition and decreased frequency regulation prices,” says Erik Paulson, Vice President of Wholesale Market Services at CES. “GridBOOST offers Kearsarge a dynamic and agile strategy for scheduling and bidding the storage resource into the ISO-NE markets, generating an immediate increase in revenue and setting them up for continued success in the future.”

Kearsarge has developed and financed more than 170 MW and $450 million of solar PV and energy storage projects and is rapidly growing its business in select markets across the U.S.

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