JinkoSolar unveils Tiger Neo solar PV panel series


JinkoSolar is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, and this week it revealed its Second Generation Tiger Neo panel family. The upgraded Tiger Neo family includes three series with up to 445 W for 54-cell, 615 W for 72-cell, and 635 W for 78-cell (182 in. formats) and module efficiency up to 22.27%, 23.23%, and 22.72% respectively.

“We are once again raising the standard of N-type performance with the latest generation of our Tiger Neo panels, which deliver better system performance – even through the most demanding conditions,” said Gener Miao, CMO of JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., “This panel, combined with an industry-leading N-type partner ecosystem and new solutions like ESS, will show what’s truly possible with the solar PV experience going forward.”

This generation of Tiger Neo panels built on the record highly efficient N-type TOPCon technology delivers the following results:

  • With up to an 85% bifacial factor, it can push a higher generation on the rear side panel and allow for 15-20% more yield compared to conventional bifacial panels.
  • A further optimized temperature co-efficiency down to -0.29%/℃.
  • A 30-year warranty thanks to its 1% initial-year degradation and 0.4% linear degradation.
  • Higher average productivity under low-light conditions such as sunset, sunrise, and cloudy skies.
  • Compatibility with almost all mainstream inverter brands with the use of lower short circuit current, so customers do not need to invest more in an augmented class of inverters.

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