Inverter manufacturer Tabuchi invests in ground-mount developer Nuance Energy

Nuance Energy, the manufacturer of the Osprey PowerPlatform and a developer of distributed ground-mount solar projects, today announced it has received a $3 million investment from Tabuchi Electric Co. LTD.

The two companies already have a close working relationship. Nuance Energy, an early North American customer for Tabuchi, has installed the company’s commercial string inverters on several projects. Working together on these projects led Tabuchi Electric to discover the strategic advantages afforded by the Osprey PowerPlatform. The companies plan to continue working together to find synergies benefiting customers that use Nuance’s Osprey PowerPlatform and Tabuchi’s commercial products.

Tabuchi- Electric EIBSinverter crop

Tabuchi Electric made the investment in Nuance Energy to expand its learning and reach into the growing market segment of ground-mount distributed generation Solar+Storage. Tabuchi, already present in the residential Solar+Storage market with its EIBS, plans to expand its storage offerings to the commercial market and expects to gain valuable insights from the relationship with Nuance Energy to further drive innovation.

“As a leading provider of grid-friendly solar-plus-storage systems optimized for energy management and cost performance, we were early to recognize that Nuance Energy’s unique value proposition would give us a significant advantage in commercial applications,” said Harumi McClure, COO and pres-ident of Tabuchi Electric Company of America, LTD. “Together our companies will expand the available market for solar and open up more project opportunities for our mutual distributor and EPC contractor customers.”

Nuance Energy’s Osprey PowerPlatform is a modular ground-mount solar racking system that applies patent-pending technology to afford numerous advantages, including simplified engineering, adding modularity to the procurement process, and dramatically reducing construction costs and effort. The Osprey PowerPlatform employs a unique, minimal earth-penetrating anchor application process and a modular, scalable design that enables contractors, developers, integrators, and engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firms to achieve peak profitability through the industry’s lowest labor and installation costs and fastest time-to-revenue for available ground mounted system solutions.

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Unlike conventional ground mount systems that require a detailed geotechnical report, extensive engineering effort involving the use of ground screws and pier foundations, and costly construction techniques that require heavy onsite equipment, the Osprey PowerPlatform enables field crews to install the solar arrays using only handheld tools. The design also eliminates the need for special inspections by facilitating simple field load testing in real-time soil conditions to assure compliance with applicable codes and regulations. This ability to deploy solar arrays on varied terrain under any type of soil condition helps make solar energy more practical and affordable at any scale, and creates more opportunities for agricultural, commercial, industrial and small utility-scale projects.

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