How Beaumont Solar’s new ‘Big C’ Services Unit will improve its solar installations

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Beaumont Solar, a full-service solar developer and Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company, is launching a “Big C” Services Unit. What is that exactly? Here’s how Beaumont breaks it down.

The problems of “Little C”

The traditional route of hiring an EPC firm to build a large Commercial & Industrial (C&I) or utility scale solar project has built-in risk associated with it. This process becomes one where investors, developers, and system owners are reliant on the EPC which then hires subcontractors to build the project. Those same subcontractors hire workers from labor pools, job boards, and out of work electricians for short term contracts. Essentially, the owner never knows, in advance, who will be building the project. This is referred to in the industry as the “Little C” of EPC.

The result is that corners get cut, 1:1 ratios become lax, quality is random, safety is never first, and jobs get delayed or just shut down by wiring and safety inspectors. Ultimately, when a job does not go right, the owner then interacts at the lowest levels to solve problems, as the liquidated damages often built into contracts, are not enough to offset the costs that are incurred when deadlines are missed. This was in full view in 2016 leading up to ITC deadlines and Massachusetts DOER deadlines of January 8 and May 8 of 2017.

Enter Big C services

To solve this problem and meet the demand, Beaumont Solar is offering “Big C” services to partners, investors, developers, and system owners. The Big C is a big construction services business unit that the company has developed through its scalable business model. The services are not labor for hire, rather a contract between the project developer or owner and Beaumont Solar to construct the project with Beaumont accountable for all workmanship warranties.

“Our Big C services unit directly employs OSHA certified, CORI checked, drug tested, and licensed electricians and apprentices,” the company stated. “These employees have no smoking, no cell phone/texting, attendance and safety requirements within their employment contracts. All headcount is specified and accounted for at the start of any job ensuring consistency and continuity of the project schedule. As a full-range EPC, the Big C services can be expanded to include design, engineering, construction drawings, and procurement.”

Tips for planning your next retail PV project

At the start, the service offering will have the capacity to operate at the rate of 20 MW per quarter. Beaumont Big C services compares favorably with any open shop on price, and it will excel on construction schedule and provide the highest quality standards in the industry due to the skill levels and vertical integration of our self-performing team.

“The bottom line is that financial returns don’t begin until the system is operational, and any missed incentive deadlines causes a sizable negative impact on those returns. So, it’s critical to streamline the entire construction process by utilizing a company that not only offers the whole DC/AC voltage and medium voltage package, but has the electrical expertise and bandwidth to actually pull it off at competitive rates,” said Phillip Cavallo, President and CEO of Beaumont Solar. “By leveraging the strength of our “Big C” construction services, we are able to consistently supply this demand.”

A key element to the company’s sizable construction resources are the aligned employment agreements with local IBEW members to provide scalability, guaranteed construction and workmanship at predictable costs. System owners gain peace of mind knowing their system is being implemented by highly trained and licensed Beaumont Solar employed journeymen and apprentices that are always at ratio (based on state licensing requirements). There is never any question of accountability and no risks of work stoppages or delays to the project.

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