SPI Preview: High-efficiency, smart panels ready for wider installation

High efficiency panels are trending up for a variety of project segments as the costs become more reasonable. The SPI show floor is going to be filled with examples.

High-efficiency panels are ready for wider installation


Panasonic (booth 2317, SL11) has a history of innovation and dependability in the solar industry, and the 25-year product warranty on the HIT panels (bottom) it is exhibiting at SPI reinforces this fact. HIT panels will perform in all weather conditions without sacrificing efficiency, and the unique pyramid structure of the solar cells ensures the maximization of available sunlight. Panasonic says HIT holds the world record for cell efficiency in a lab setting.

Solaria (booth 1123) has been developing high-efficiency solar PV modules behind the scenes for a while now, and it is ready to debut the Solaria PowerXT series at SPI. Solaria’s 330-W and 400-W modules are optimized for the rapidly growing residential, commercial and utility-scale sectors.  Designed for rugged applications, Solaria high-efficiency modules are ideal for trackers and racking systems, reducing the number of modules, project installation time and BOS components. Through Solaria’s advanced ribbon-less, solder-free interconnection, cells are comprised of high-density sub-strings. Inactive space between cells is eliminated.

The Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd. (booth 1815) Smart Module Series, certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), features integrated module-level power optimizers produced by SolarEdge. Ideal for the residential and commercial market segments, Yingli Smart Modules increase energy harvest at the module level and enable more flexible system design thanks to embedded SolarEdge power optimizers.

Boviet Solar USA (booth W701) is launching its new 1,500-volt polycrystalline solar modules. The new high-voltage solar modules are ideal for large commercial and utility-scale solar installations and require less balance of system (BoS) components compared to 1,000-volt modules. The new 1,500-volt solar modules will be available in a 72-cell configuration with an industry leading 12-year workmanship warranty and a 25-year power output warranty. All Boviet Solar USA modules pass a stringent quality control process that includes a three-time Electro Luminesce Examination and Flash Tests.

SolarWorld (booth 911) is debuting an integrated alternating-current (AC) solar panel at the trade show Solar Power International. By integrating the microinverter and eliminating the need to install a centralized string inverter, the SolarWorld AC Module can speed installations and simplify logistics, increase safety during installation and operation and offer module-level optimization. The company developed the new AC module in concert with Enphase Energy Inc.

Silfab Solar (booth 2373) will debut one of its most advanced 60-cell solar modules with a maximum power rating of 300Wp. The Silfab 300Wp modules are ideal for ground-mount and rooftop installations where space constraints and architectural designs are a factor. Silfab’s unique designs and manufacturing techniques result in modules that have fewer components for faster installation and improved system balance, maximum and sustained power performance lasting for decades after installation, aesthetic designs and more.

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