Growatt beefs up residential off-grid PV inverter series

Growatt residential inverter
Growatt Announces New PV Inverter for Off-Grid Applications, SPF 6000 ES Plus

Growatt launched its latest SPF 6000 ES Plus inverter for residential off-grid PV storage applications. The SPF 6000 ES Plus is an upgrade over previous off-grid solutions SPF 3000-5000 ES, to target markets where there are frequent power outages or limited access to the grid.

Some specs:

  • With a maximum PV input power of 8000W and an input voltage of up to 500V, the device enables connections to more PV modules on each string and reduces costs in parallel connections.
  • The inverter’s string input current reaches up to 16A, making it compatible with 500W+ large power PV modules. [Read more about the problems caused by large format modules in off-grid design]
  • Dual MPP trackers are helpful for houses with multiple rooftop areas, supporting panel installation at different orientations and higher energy generation.
  • A power factor of 1.0 allows the system to draw a power output of 6 kW for the loads and 2 kW for charging the battery when solar energy is sufficient.

Also, Growatt added a dust-proof design to prevents faults caused by excessive dust and improves product reliability, making maintenance easier while extending its operational lifespan.

Enhancements are also adopted for easier and lower-cost installations, featuring an integrated ATS (automatic transfer switch) device and two AC terminals for power input from the utility and generator. Additionally, its plug-and-play PV terminals make installations more efficient and time-saving for installers.

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