Fronius debuts Solar Online Support to streamline inverter troubleshooting

Servicing inverters is an important solar installer job function, and a new tool from Fronius USA should make this process easier for the inverter manufacturer’s customers.

Fronius Solar Online Support (Fronius SOS) is an interactive platform that assists solar installers in identifying state codes and troubleshooting any issues in the field without having to call Fronius Technical Support. The application also aids the installer in the repair or replacement of an inverter or its components. The installer can effortlessly launch the applicable process on-site using a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Upon entering a valid serial number for the device in question, the installer is provided with specific information, such as the current status of the warranty. Whether the product is still under warranty or not is ascertained instantly. With a single click the components to be replaced or the replacement/repair of the entire device are selected from the available service options, after which the installer simply submits the replacement order there and then. The advantages here are quick order processing times and lower costs.

“It is important to us as a company to always be there for our customers. Fronius Solar Online Support is a great tool for on-site support and allows us to take customer satisfaction to the next level,” says Tristan Kreager, Director of Solar Energy at Fronius USA, the largest subsidiary of Fronius International. “We will continue to lead the way by having the best Technical Support in the industry, but we feel this additional tool for 24/7 service sets us apart from other providers.”

Thanks to Fronius Solar Online Support Fronius can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no waiting times from having to call a hotline and orders are processed automatically. A cost estimate for any repair work needed can be ordered online. In certain cases, the customer number2 may be needed to enable this unique feature.

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