Family Restaurant in Cincinnati Installs 10-kW System on Rooftop

MAGE SOLAR, part of the globally operating MAGE GROUP, announced that 44 of its high-performance MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 230W modules are powering the legendary Silver Spring House restaurant in Cincinnati.

The 44 MAGE POWERTEC PLUS 230-W modules are installed on a ballasted racking system on the restaurant’s flat roof. © Craftsman Energy Solutions

The installation has been part of a major energy efficiency upgrade the restaurant owners, Joe Smith and Joe Kendall, undertook in order to gain control of electricity costs for the family-friendly restaurant whose roots go back to the 1940s. Guests will be able to follow the systems output, roughly 11,800 kW per year, on a monitor placed in the lobby. In addition, both Kendall and Smith view the PV panels on the restaurant’s roof as a clear sign of their strong commitment towards sustainability and family values.

“For over 23 years we have always been driven to offer the best food and service to our guests,” says Smith. “Being an environmentally friendly business really underscores this promise. Our restaurant truly is a place for friends and family to meet and feel good about themselves and the world, even after a tough day.”

“We definitely wanted to make a strong investment in future generations and be a showcase for clean energy restaurants,” adds Kendall.

As the Silver Springs House install is estimated to offset seven metric tons of CO2-emissions annually (or the equivalent of 195 trees), Smith and Kendall decided to install MAGE SOLAR modules for yet another reason: it makes economic sense for their business. Being able to lock in to significantly lower electricity bills was an attractive way to streamline their operational process.

“MAGE SOLAR modules are made of highest quality components and are guaranteed to perform for at least 30 years at an 80 percent power output,” explains Charlie Fischer Jr., a NABCEP certified PV-installer with Craftsman Energy Solutions. Fischer’s Cincinnati-based company designed and installed the PV modules on a ballasted racking system on the restaurant’s flat roof. “For our customers this means that even future generations will be able to enjoy energy from the sun and they’ll enjoy a prolonged pay-back time.”

MAGE SOLAR USA President and CEO Joe Thomas congratulates both Craftsman Energy Solutions and the Silver Springs House on the skillful installation. “This is a wonderfully executed install in a rather limited space. The high level of expertise Craftsman Energy has combined with the outstanding performance of MAGE SOLAR modules, make this a powerful space of maximum efficiency.”


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