dcbel adds LG batteries to complete its home energy solution

dcbel Inc--dcbel and LG Energy Solution partner for future-proof
dcbel r16 home energy station pictured alongside an LG Energy Solution RESU Prime stationary battery (CNW Group/dcbel Inc.)

Smart home energy company dcbel has partnered with renowned lithium-ion battery maker LG Energy Solution to co-market an integrated residential solution.

“For the first time, homebuilders can provide their customers with a tailored set of blackout power options that blend electricity storage with local photovoltaics (PV) generation and EV charging/discharging, all of which can be incorporated into the build at the blueprint stage,” said Dan Fletcher, Head of Ecosystems at dcbel.

LG Energy Solution’s RESU Prime will be offered as the stationary battery for the dcbel partnership, available in two sizes.

  • The RESU16H Prime is one of the largest home batteries, delivering 16 kWh of usable energy and can be scaled up to 32 kWh.
  • The RESU 10H Prime offers 9.6 kWh to back up critical loads during peak hours and emergencies.

dcbel r16 home energy station automatically leverages the stationary battery to power the entire home, reducing a home’s energy costs and carbon footprint. dcbel r16 integrates a hybrid solar inverter with a bidirectional EV charger, which the company says can replace six different pieces of equipment in an equivalent system designed the conventional route. This reduces costs, wall space needed and simplifies the installation overall.

“With storage playing a significant role in the next generation of residential solar, homebuilders and consumers are searching for new integrated solutions. dcbel’s r16 home energy station brings unparalleled power and flexibility to home energy management, and our cutting-edge RESU batteries are perfectly suited to this application,” said Ryan Simpson, Sales Director of LG Energy Solution ESS Team in North America.

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