CPS America’s 200 kW String PCS Energy Storage Inverter is UL-1741SB listed

CPS America 200 kW String PCS Energy Storage Inverter

CPS America hit a few compliance benchmarks with its new 200 kW String PCS Energy Storage Inverter, receiving UL-1741SB listing, as well as being listed on the CEC approved equipment list. The CPS team says its 200-kW PCS is a first-of-its-kind string PCS to receive UL listing.

What’s cool about it? The modular design of the 200kW PCS and 1MW PCS Rack integrates with the larger family of utility-scale solutions CPS America provides. Currently, two 1MW PCS racks can be integrated with each CPS MV Skid. And rated output voltage of 800 Vac corresponds with the AC output voltage of the CPS America 250/275kW string inverter for solar applications.

“We’ve rethought how PCS inverters should function in large-scale energy storage,” said Anton Patton, Product Management & Applications Engineering Director for CPS America. “The technology of energy is changing rapidly, and we developed a system that not only grows with energy storage plants as more capacity is added, but it accommodates new batteries working with older batteries without mismatch.”

With the CPS String PCS, old and new batteries can be mixed without accelerating the aging of new batteries. As sites grow and battery technology evolves, this allows for phased replacement of batteries.

Rack-level management allows each 1MW PCS rack to run independently, allowing each to capitalize on the available battery discharge capacity. This eliminates traditional capacity loss from centralized PCS systems where the weakest battery rack sets the capacity.

“The modular design of the CPS 200kW PCS is advantageous to operations and maintenance of energy storage sites,” noted Bryan Wagner, President of CPS America. “With traditional central PCS inverters, the impact of faults is large-scale, versus minimal for the CPS America string PCS. And the serviceability, siting flexibility, and scalability give users a significant long-term advantage over other options on the market.”

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