Contec adds rooftop solar array to global headquarters via Pisgah Energy and Southern Current

Southern Current commercial rooftop

Contec recently partnered with Pisgah Energy and Southern Current to design, develop and install a roof and ground mounted solar project at their headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The two systems, totaling 625.5 kilowatts DC, serve as on-site electrical generation for Contec, expanding their efforts to manufacture their goods with renewable energy.

Contec headquarters now boasts a total of 1668 solar panels that will supply power to the facility. This net-metered system is estimated to produce 944,600 kilowatt hours and offset Contec’s electricity usage by 53%.

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Contec’s CEO, Jack McBride shared, “We are thrilled to complete this installation. We take our responsibility to our community and our planet seriously, and this is a key part of our broader, ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts.”

Contec’s President, Avi Lawrence echoed the sentiment noting, “We’ve already begun tracking and sharing the results of these efforts with our associates and customers; framing the data in a way that is easy to understand by using analogies to personal energy use.”

Pisgah Energy was the lead developer and worked in collaboration with Charleston SC based-Southern Current to provide construction services for the project.

According to Evan Becka, President and Senior Developer at Pisgah Energy, “Working with a customer like Contec is great because they see both the business case for solar and how critically important renewable energy is for a more sustainable future. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without companies like Contec stepping up and leading the way.”

Southern Current installed the project utilizing REC 370 solar modules on both the ground and roof mounted systems.

“Any time two different projects are being installed simultaneously on the same property,” says Southern Current’s project manager, Scott Wolfrey, “there are additional challenges, risks and barriers that must be considered to provide the customer the best experience and product.”

Pisgah Energy and Southern Current are thrilled to help further Contec’s commitment to using renewable energy through the installation of this solar project.

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