Conergy Partners with SMA to Improve Customer Service

Conergy USA, one of the world’s leading PV solution and service providers, is constantly improving its customer service. In the U.S. market, Conergy has strengthened its existing partnership with SMA America to better support Conergy customers with enhanced benefits, greater product availability, access to deeper technical support, and expanded technical training on SMA products and services. Moreover, Conergy customers will now receive highly competitive pricing and package deals including high quality products from both companies.

conergy_logo“Conergy focuses on high quality standards for its complete systems and offers its customers tailor-made solutions for every kind and size of installation. SMA has been a valued partner for Conergy in the US for many years.  Their focus on quality and reliability strongly aligns with Conergy’s product strategy. The new SMA Distribution program is big step for the solar industry.  SMA is establishing a clear channel policy and is recognizing the importance of the distribution business. We fully support their efforts to help the solar industry in the U.S. mature,” said Christian Kaesler, Director of Conergy US Distribution.

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SMA, will begin shipping several new products in the coming weeks and the new model will ensure prompt product and service availability through Conergy’s leading distribution network in the United States.  “With the roll-out of SMA America’s new distribution program, it was important to align with partners that shared a similar commitment to quality and service,” said Henry Dziuba, president and general manager of SMA America and president of SMA Canada. “Conergy has long been a leader in the industry, shown strength as a company, and offers comprehensive professional training and support.”

For Conergy, this new distribution program is an opportunity to service a larger network of installers and integrators with expanded product availability, competitive pricing and package deals. “We are very excited about this expanded relationship with SMA America”, said Anthony Fotopoulos, President of Conergy Americas. “SMA has long been a top selling premium brand in the Conergy portfolio in the USA, and we believe this will help reinforce the importance of quality products in the solar market – an aspect of business that Conergy has been backing for many years.”

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