Chint Power Provides Free Inverter Uptime Performance Guarantee

As a leader of 3-Phase string and central inverter solutions for commercial applications, Chint Power Systems delivers leading product performance, flexibility and reduced installed cost.  Now, customers have financial protection for energy harvest cash-flows.  Chint customers already enjoy the upside benefits of lower installed cost and design flexibility.  The new, and no-cost, innovative performance guarantee enables owners and financiers to have increased confidence in project cash-flows.

Chint’s uptime and reliability confidence is based on the performance of its 400 MW of installed base in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Rugged designs with excellent uptime have been established by the engineering team whose careers are rooted in telecommunications power systems experience where “five nines” reliability and zero downtime are routine.  This performance guarantee is feasible because of Chint’s design practices for high reliability.

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“Developers recognize the financial strength and reliability heritage of Chint, and we want to reinforce customer confidence in us,” says Ed Heacox, GM of Chint Power’s sales and marketing in North America.  “This program ensures continuity of customer’s cash-flows, underscoring our value proposition, ‘Inverter Performance You Can Bank On.’”

Program details are available by contacting Chint Power System’s regional managers or via  The offering is available for new orders for Chint’s commercial inverters with DECK data monitoring solutions.  Chint provides a fixed dollar amount compensation per day for any down inverter not recovered the same day.


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