Check out this microinverter install training series from APsystems

APsystems just launched a video series aimed at registered, professional solar installers (hey, that’s you!) to support its online training webinars, technical manuals and other support resources. The series will guide you, step by step, through a quick, hassle-free installation and setup of its YC500 microinverter.

Side note, APsystems also just sponsored the new Residential Rooftop Report: eBOS. Free download. Check it out. 

The 12-part series covers fundamentals, tips and best practices for professional installation and system registration, covering:

* Installation preparation and safety
* Microinverter rooftop layout
* Cabling, connections and grounding
* Energy Communication Unit gateway basics
* ArrayApp mobile installer tool and much more.

Each video is hosted by Christopher Barrett, Director of Engineering and Technical Services for APsystems USA. The entire series runs about 24 minutes, with installments viewable individually or in a single video. Here is a taste – this video runs through the basics regarding tools and safety.

To check out the entire series, head to APsystems’ YouTube channel. To register as an APsystems installer, click here.

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