Canadian International Trade Tribunal makes call on ‘Chinese Solar PV Module Dumping and Subsidization’ issue

The Canada Borders Services Agency (CBSA) recently reviewed an anti-dumping complaint regarding import practices around Chinese panels in the Canadian market. Based on information provided, the CBSA determined that there was “sufficient evidence that certain panels originating in or exported from China have been dumped and subsidized, and there was a reasonable indication that such actions were causing and threatening to cause injury to the Canadian industry.”

Dumping and subsidy investigations were initiated on December 5, 2014.

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On Feb. 3, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal (CITT) determined that there is enough evidence for the Anti-dumping and Subsidizing Case against China to proceed. Pursuant to the import legislation (Special Import Measures Act, subsection 37.1(1)), the CITT found that imports from China have caused or are threatening to cause injury to the Canadian Industry.

On March 5, the CBSA issued its preliminary estimate of margins of dumping, margins of subsidy and provisional duties by exporter with respect to PV modules and laminates produced in China and imported into Canada as part of its ongoing investigation into allegations of product dumping.

Canadian China PV module dumping

On June 5, the CITT heard closing arguments on its inquiry into the question of injury or threat of injury to the domestic industry and has now made order of finding. On July 3, the CITT ruled that dumping and subsidization is threatening to injure the domestic Canadian industry. Final duties, issued in March by the CBSA, will be valid for the next five years.

“The Canadian Solar Industry is happy to see the issue resolved, and that there is now clarity for the industry,” says John Gorman, President and CEO of The Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA). “We will continue to focus on achieving the lowest cost possible, and best value, for Canadian customers.”

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