CAB Solar’s Integrated Grounding Cable Management System now UL 2703 listed

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CAB Solar‘s new Integrated Grounding System has achieved ETL Safety Listing by Intertek to UL2703.
CAB Solar’s Integrated Grounding Cable Management System (patent pending) is designed to work seamlessly with tracker, ballasted, and fixed installations. We originally profiled it as part of this full tracker system with RPCS, Shoals and Array.

CAB Integrated Grounding (patent pending) provides both the Equipment Grounding Conductor (EGC) and the Grounding Electrode Conductor (GEC). It greatly simplifies electrical design and reduces installation costs by eliminating the need to run a separate grounding conductor and grounding jumpers to all mid piers in a solar PV array.

CAB Integrated Grounding features a specially designed copper composite messenger wire which provides structural support for the system, and at the same time, provides sufficient ampacity for fault current duty. In addition, it utilizes specially designed clamps and mid pier brackets.

CAB Solar Hangers are quick and easy to install. The cost is far lower and more predictable than cable tray or trenching. CAB Cable Management System allows engineering firms to standardize wire management across an entire portfolio of projects. CAB Solar’s Cable Management System has now been installed in over 4 GW of solar power plants.

CAB Solar Cable Hangers are ETL Safety Listed by Intertek to UL 2239, UL 155, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 18.4-15 and CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 18.5-13. CAB’s new Integrated Grounding System meets NEC, UL, and IEEE Standards per 2017 HDR Electrical Re-port, as well as Intertek Safety Listing to UL 2703.

CAB Solar Hangers safely separate cables to meet NEC. They are offered in more than 40 designs to safely support large bundles of string wire, DC feeders, AC, data, or other cabling. CAB Solar Hangers are strong and extremely durable, manufactured from class 3 galvanized, high tensile strength spring steel, 100% coated with PVC Plastisol. The coating is flame retardant, chemical resistant, high dielectric grade, and UV stabilized for long service life.

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