Borrego Solar Completes 2.4-MW Roof-Mount System at Anaheim Convention Center

Today the City of Anaheim held a dedication ceremony celebrating the recently completed 2.4-megawatt (MW) solar panel system on the Anaheim Convention Center. The $5.7 million project managed by Anaheim Public Utilities was completed mid-August by Borrego Solar Systems Inc., a leading designer, developer, installer and financier of grid tied solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. The installation covers 300,000 square feet on the rooftop of Exhibit Halls A, B and C. With 7,908 installed solar panels, the installation will be the largest city-owned, convention center, roof-mounted system in North America.

aerial view of modules on Hall C during installationThe system will generate an estimated 3.6 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually — enough energy to power 600 homes for a year. Anaheim Public Utilities is incorporating the project into its renewable energy portfolio. The installation marks the building’s newest sustainability feature; the LEED certified Convention Center maintains a commitment to sustainability through initiatives such as an on-site recycling program, farm to fork culinary program, an on-site composting facility and a rooftop herb garden.

“The City of Anaheim has always sought to take the lead with projects that demonstrate government entrepreneurship and this partnership reflects the success of this effort,” said Tom Morton, Executive Director of the City of Anaheim’s Convention, Sports & Entertainment Department.  “We appreciate the partnership with our Public Utilities and welcomed this opportunity, which benefits not only our residents, but further enhances the Convention Center’s sustainability program.”

“Installing solar on the Convention Center furthers the City’s commitment to renewable energy initiatives,” said Dukku Lee, General Manager of Anaheim Public Utilities. “The City was able to add a cost-effective renewable resource that utilizes the abundant sunlight we are fortunate to have in this region.”

Borrego Solar, the designer and installer of the project, began construction in January. In total, the company has installed 60 MW of solar in California, (more than 150 MW nationwide) and has another 90 MW in construction.

“Throughout the contract and construction process, we witnessed firsthand the commitment and enthusiasm of the City, utility and Convention Center leaders to ensure the success and quick development of this project,” said Mike Hall, CEO at Borrego Solar. “It’s communities like Anaheim that will enable California to meet its renewable energy mandates and continue leading the way on clean energy deployment.”


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