Attention preppers: Humless debuts GO 200 backpack-sized battery system


In honor of National Preparedness Month, Humless announced a new GO 200 battery backup system — a 10″ x 7.72″ x 2.56″ backpack-sized system that’s ready for solar charging or from a wall outlet. This versatile six-pound power dynamo is perfect for camping or for quickly packing in a car. Mobile phone and electronic devices can now go anywhere with extended range from a recharging source.

“Recent power outages caused by high winds in Utah, hurricane Laura in Louisiana/Texas, and rolling blackouts throughout California all demonstrate that electricity is not guaranteed, even in the U.S.,” states Glenn Jakins, CEO of Humless. “More ‘prepper’ conscious consumers see the value of securing their electrical needs to gain freedom from the grid in times of emergency.”

Humless of course has a more robust system to pair with larger solar + storage needs — its whole house 10/4 Energy Storage System — that is created and distributed in conjunction with FIMER (ABB). Both products offer homeowners power protection in uncertain times.

This unit is perfect for small homes and essential loads. This home solar battery system features 10 kWh’s of lithium (LiFePO4) battery storage, 3.4 kW (4 kVa) premium inverter, remote monitoring, and is stackable up to 2 units. This system is an excellent power backup for home vital loads like lights, freezer, refrigerator, and computers. You can install the 10/4 without solar panels and it is compatible with any existing solar array. Now, you can truly be prepped for grid independence.

“The current pandemic driven teleworking trend further reinforces the need for reliable power for home office equipment,” says Jakins. “We can no longer be without power for long, especially at home.”

Humless Universal technology is first to combine simultaneous AC and DC Coupling, Multi-level Reticulation, Load Shifting, Power Shaving, and a Charge Controller into a single box. This provides intelligent energy management for customers’ power needs, lowers electrical costs and extends battery life.

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