Array Technologies’ SmarTrack adds 5 percent boost to solar energy production, says DNV GL

Array Technologies project

Array Technologies Lost Hills project, installed by RPCS.

Array Technologies has added more functionality to its performance-enhancing SmarTrack software, and independent research by engineers at DNV GL say the system is capable of upping energy harvest another 5 percent.

SmarTrack maximizes system output by recovering energy that would have otherwise been sacrificed due to uneven terrain or diffuse light conditions. With a key goal of eliminating market misconceptions around energy gains, Array collaborated with DNV GL to analyze and document the added yield SmarTrack can deliver. During extensive beta testing, SmarTrack was analyzed by solar specialists at DNV GL and refined for peak performance. After conducting analysis on an active utility-scale site, DNV GL authenticated that SmarTrack can substantially improve annual energy output.


The SmarTrack pitch

• Production boosts up to 5% as projected by independent engineers at DNV GL
• Secure data protection that is fully SCADA compatible and keeps sensitive information exclusively on site
• No additional hardware or sensors required; fewer parts means overall savings over the lifetime of a PV plant
• A one-time, low-cost licensing model that allows predictable budgeting over the lifetime of your PV project

How it works: SmartTrack’s machine-learning algorithms boost energy production by adjusting module angles in response to weather and site conditions without additional specialized equipment, expensive sensors, or the need to add technical staff. Within days of deployment, SmarTrack learns the optimal module positions of a PV plant to yield maximum power over the site’s lifetime.  It can boost kilowatt-hours under overcast conditions and decrease row to row shading losses on clear days caused by uneven terrain. By coupling SmarTrack with Array’s DuraTrack tracker, PV plant operators benefit from a seamless connection between the software and the patented design of the Array tracker to cost-effectively increase yield.

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