AlsoEnergy ranked No. 1 in Solar and Storage Monitoring and Control Vendors by Guidehouse Insights

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AlsoEnergy, a Stem company, was ranked #1 in Guidehouse Insights’ Solar and Storage Monitoring and Control Vendors report. AlsoEnergy’s edge-to-cloud platform, led by its flagship application PowerTrack, and professional services were recognized by Guidehouse as key differentiators.

This Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard examines the Strategy and Execution of 16 leading M&C vendors active in the solar PV market. These vendors are rated on 12 criteria: vision; go-to-market strategy; partners; product integration strategy; technology; geographic reach; sales, marketing, and distribution; product performance; product quality and reliability; product portfolio and ecosystem; pricing; and staying power.

Using Guidehouse Insights’ proprietary Leaderboard methodology, vendors are profiled, rated, and ranked with the goal of providing industry participants with an objective assessment of these companies’ relative strengths and weaknesses in the growing solar PV M&C market. The report also examines the key hardware and software revenue related to renewables M&C systems.

Top 10 Vendors

  1. AlsoEnergy
  2. GreenPowerMonitor
  3. Power Factors
  4. Inaccess Networks
  5. meteocontrol
  6. Trimark
  7. SMA Solar Technology
  8. Huawei Technologies
  9. Solar-Log
  10. SolarEdge Technologies

As part of the report, Guidehouse highlighted that advanced monitoring and controls (M&C) technologies and services increase efficiency, lower emissions across hybrid renewable energy systems, and bring more flexibility and resilience to clean power generation. AlsoEnergy provides a vertically integrated optimization platform that enables businesses to standardize their entire clean energy portfolio, including utility-scale, commercial and industrial (C&I), and aggregated residential assets on one application.

Per Guidehouse Insights, the convergence of several renewable energy drivers, including the ever-increasing demand for scalable solar and storage, operational efficiency with proven economic value, and grid reliability and security, has created a need for deep insights, flexibility, and scalability that only fully integrated M&C solutions deliver.

To meet these market needs, AlsoEnergy couples PowerTrack with its edge solutions to provide data analytics and visualization that enable owners and operators to make intelligent decisions for improved energy and financial performance as they manage and grow their clean energy portfolios.

“As solar plus storage system deployments continue to increase, the market requires flexibility and efficiency from its systems and this can only be achieved with insights into system performance,” said Maria Chavez, Research Analyst at Guidehouse Insights. “AlsoEnergy provides the market with a vertically-integrated solution for monitoring and control capabilities, across varied application segments, giving the company an edge in the market and an innovative approach for the future of monitoring and control.”

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