AETI: 1,000-volt solar inverters

Houston-based American Electric Technologies Inc. (AETI) today announced the introduction of two new models in its 1,000-volt, Integrated Solar Inversion Station (ISIS) product line.

Utilizing the industry’s first 1.0 MW solar inverter architecture witness-tested to UL 1741 at 1,000 volts, the new 1.5 MW ISIS inversion system with the new 38 kV utility interconnect system enables optimization of DC and AC solar performance while meeting ANSI C.37 codes and NFPA safety requirements.

The ability to run solar farms at 1,000 volts versus traditional 600 volt farm designs with the new 1.5 MW UL 1741 platform and 38 kV interconnect system enables utility-scale project developers to implement DC and AC designs at the highest voltage levels, thus reducing Balance of Systems cabling costs and power losses from the PV panel through the grid connection point. ISIS also reduces field installation labor costs by incorporating all key solar inverter elements into a skidded, pre-commissioned, factory built, NEMA 3R outdoor platform.

AETI’s ISIS 1,000-volt product line now includes both 1.0 MW and 1.5 MW solar inversion platforms as inverter-only solutions, or as integrated solutions with a medium voltage 15 kV or 38 kV class step-up transformer and utility interconnect systems. All ISIS inverters incorporate a master combiner, a DC and AC disconnect switching system and the inverter system in a NEMA 3R enclosure.

ISIS assures successful grid integration by incorporating the world’s widest power factor compensation capabilities for on-demand FERC 661A voltage regulation. ISIS continues to lead the solar industry with the highest UL 1741 witness-tested PV open circuit voltage and input current levels that results in capturing up to 15 percent more watts per string, while operating with the widest ambient temperature range from -40°C to 60°C.


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