Aerocompact debuts COMPACTGround Ram-X for mid-sized solar projects

Aerocompact Ram-X

Austrian manufacturer of PV mounting systems AEROCOMPACT presents its new COMPACTGround RAM-X product range for solar parks with more than 500 kWp output. In addition to the high energy density, the company hypes the quick assembly and maximization of available space in the series, which will be available worldwide from April.

The modular structure of RAM-X, with just three main components, can be assembled quickly is adaptable to different landscapes.

  • The RAM-X2.1 two-leg system for south and east/west systems is available in three standard configurations for 6×4, 5×4 or 4×4 modules with inclines between 10 and 25°.
  • The RAM-X 1.1 single-leg system and the RAM-X 2.2 two-leg system, on the other hand, are suitable for lengths of up to 30 meters and module inclines between 0 and 30°. In addition, the modules of the RAM-X1.1 can be easily arranged either in portrait or landscape format. This increases the possible applications and lowers system costs.

“We grew up with mounting systems for all roof types. Our new piling systems complement our portfolio perfectly,” explains CEO Matthias Muther. With the RAM-X series, AEROCOMPACT is expanding its G15/20 system successfully launched in 2017, which previously consisted of aluminum substructures screwed into the ground or ballasted. With the RAM-X series, however, AEROCOMPACT is relying for the first time on steel profiles coated with zinc-magnesium, which will be rammed into the ground and also go higher, which means that more energy can now be generated on the same area.

Aerocompact Ram-X

“With the zinc-magnesium coating, we have increased the corrosion resistance,” explains Muther. The large-area structure also minimizes shading, increases energy density, and makes maintenance easier. In addition, sheep can now graze under the modules.

In addition to design, planning, project development, and assembly, AEROCOMPACT can also prepare soil reports including chemical analyses upon request. The concept is based on a short cycle and fast delivery. AEROCOMPACT delivered its first RAM-X test system including a soil report in just a few weeks.

Like all systems from the Austrian manufacturer, the new product range is optimally protected against high snow and wind loads and meets the EN 1991-1-3 and EN1991-1-4 standards. AEROCOMPACT also offers a ten-year guarantee on its product.

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