GRID2020 Completes Ontario Ministry Of Energy Demonstration Project

TORONTO, June 07, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GRID2020, Inc., a leading Distribution Transformer Monitoring solutions provider announced today that it has successfully completed its $1.6M demonstration project. The GRID20/20 intra-grid sensor solution project was sponsored by the Ministry of Energy and funded in part through the Ontario Smart Grid Fund initiative.

The pioneering technology offered by GRID20/20 was deployed within targeted segments of two Local Distribution Companies (LDCs) in Ontario.  The project included a series of activities designed to advance the evolution of intra-grid sensors which enable LDCs to improve operating efficiencies, embrace energy conservation practices, identify unauthorized power losses, and gain insight into the performance of assets within their grid space.

Alan Snook, President of GRID20/20 commented, “We were honored to have been selected by the Ministry as a grant recipient, and we are now very proud of the beneficial outcomes we achieved throughout the span of the project.  Our goal was to drive value to the LDCs, and the rate payers of Ontario.  We believe that we have achieved these goals, and have now set the stage for a comprehensive smart grid experience to become a reality.”

GRID20/20 has developed a “Best-In-Class”, turnkey, Plug & Play Distribution Transformer Monitoring (DTM) solution that helps to create extensive visibility into the grid, provides powerful proactive management capabilities for LDCs/utilities, and allows for improved power efficiency including the embracing of energy conservation practices.  The next step for GRID20/20 is to advance onto meaningful commercial penetration in Ontario.

In support of the value being provided by the GRID20/20 OptaNODE DTM solution, Dragan Savic of EnWin Utilities, Ltd. commented, “The GRID20/20 intra-grid sensors we deployed permitted us to view loading information that previously was unavailable, and locate various losses.  We used the OptaNODE DTM solution to improve our operating efficiencies and effectively reduce the identified power losses.   Now, we look forward to advancing our relationship with GRID20/20 to broaden our grid management capabilities and maximize service delivery levels for our valued rate payers.”  

The GRID20/20 OptaNODE solution has provided over 3.3 Million intra-grid data readings to the EnWin Utilities grid operators.  Over 700 Automated Alert Events from within the distribution network have been reported to EnWin Utilities via GRID20/20’s “Hands-Free” GRID Watchdog notification service.

Presently, LDCs/utilities have a firm handle on substation and endpoint meters associated with the grid.  However, the most expansive grid segment is the network of power lines, power poles and transformers that collectively support the delivery of electricity to customers.   This dynamic network is referred to as the ‘heart of the grid’, and it presently represents the least monitored portion.  To this end, the patented sensors of GRID20/20, and their robust proprietary software platform now enable LDCs/utilities to gain proactive vision into this space, reduce operating costs, and realize improved grid management practices.  Additionally, the GRID20/20 solution assists with the emerging Distributed Energy Resources market which is commonly associated with solar rooftop and wind generation being increasingly deployed by energy-minded consumers. 

GRID20/20 has now reported over 44 Million intra-grid readings to its customers, and more than 49,000 Automated Alert Events concerning conditions that deviate from intended grid and asset tolerances.

Snook mentioned, “We have created a globally relevant intra-grid sensor solution which will help to facilitate worldwide smart grid realization.   We are grateful to the Ontario Ministry of Energy for having the vision to grasp the value we will provide to the Ontario ratepayers, LDCs/utilities, and to electricity customers around the globe.  Our technology will become an instrumental element in the world’s ongoing pursuit of a genuine smart grid where improved efficiencies and sustainability will be achieved.”

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