Watch this four-minute talk about the convergence of solar and technology

You may recall that we visited the SunLink offices in the fall, and learned about the company’s technology strategy. This ‘tech blue print’ is both a mindset and a driver behind product and system development.

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For further insight into how SunLink is approaching solar, watch the video above as Kate Trono, VP of products at SunLink, discusses how data can drive the next era in integrated PV systems. “You don’t want to reduce metal if it reduces the structural integrity of your system, but if you can be smart in how you’re teaching your system to move out of the way of the wind… If you have this data, combined with machine learning and control functionality, you can give your system artificial intelligence.” She says you can design a system to not specifically meet the code for wind, but rather teach it to notice that wind speed is picking up and then know how it needs to tilt and adjust.

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There is more on data control capabilities and how all of this can and should limit truck rolls. Why am I still typing. Just watch it already.

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