Kern Solar Structures makes the most corrosion-resistant steel pile in the solar industry, see it and more at SPI

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Did you know using piles made of galvanized steel in corrosive environments is a bad idea? Most in the solar industry did not until Kern came along.

Kern Solar Structures manufactures and supplies a variety of premium solar support structures utilizing high-strength structural steel and proprietary technology. Kern Solar also provides fast installation times while reducing costs for all involved parties by employing manufacturer-direct supply and management practices.

Featuring products such as X-Piles and the Solar CarPorT System, Kern Solar Structures strives to lead the market in innovative, aesthetic and cost-efficient solutions that exceed all expectations.

The X-Pile

This is a heavy-duty pile designed to withstand extremely corrosive soils. They’re coated with 20 mils of the company’s Envirolast 627 and have a corrosion rate of approximately 1 mil per year. When comparing to alternate piles such as galvanizing you can expect a service life of up to 30 years. That’s 5 times as long as using galvanized pilings.

The team at Kern Solar Structures brings along over 1.4 GW of solar PV and CSP manufacturing expertise. Learn more at

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