Hoymiles launches 8-in-1 microinverter

Hoymiles 8-in-1 microinverter

Hoymiles sent word of a new 8-in-1 microinverter designed for industrial, commercial, and large residential projects. Microinverters are typically installed on the back of solar panels in a 1:1 ratio, but multi-module microinverters are on the rise, either in 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 configurations. This Hoymiles MiT 8-in-1 microinverter, rated at 5,000 W (MIT-5000-8T Series), is the only one of its kind thus far.

“The Hoymiles MiT could change the game,” says Hoymiles CTO Dr. Zhao Yi. “It has all the power the industry is looking for, and is extremely cost-efficient. We’re very excited – it feels like a huge step forward.”

In the press release, Hoymiles “guarantees that the new super microinverter will require no replacement for 25 years.”

If it all checks out, the Hoymiles MIT-5000-8T Series 8-in-1 microinverter could save customers will save in multiple ways – on the cost of replacing a microinverter itself, as well as on all the associated expenses, from labor costs to energy costs during downtime.

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Hoymiles MiT specs

In order to generate maximum power while serving 8 solar panels, the Hoymiles MiT has four MPPTs (maximum power point trackers) that ensure each PV module generates the optimum output. The minimum MPPT voltage is as low as 12V, so the microinverter is up and running sooner and can work in dim light. Users get less downtime and more hours generating useful power, and ultimately, better ROI.

The new Hoymiles MiT super microinverter has other safety features built in. Each input of the microinverter supports two PV modules connected in series, which is suitable for applications with safe DC voltage below 120 V.

The Hoymiles MiT 8-in-1 microinverter can operate efficiently in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to 65℃ and is built with IP67 protection against rain, snow, wind, dirt, and dust.

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