BENY launches rapid shutdown device

BENY rapid shutdown

BENY launched a Rapid Shutdown Solution solution this month, the BFS-21/22. The component-level rapid shutdown device plays a crucial role in NEC solar code. Rapid shutdown devices swiftly cut off the circuit by controlling current and voltage switches in order to prevent the spread of faults and fire incidents. These devices have become essential for ensuring PV system safety with advancing technology.

The 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) introduced revisions regarding “Rapid Shutdown” within the array boundary to address “PV hazard control systems.” Section 690.12(B)(2) outlines requirements to safeguard the well-being of first responders once the PV hazard control system is activated. Firefighters, as first responders, often encounter building fires and immediately cut off power to the building, enabling them to enter or create vents in the roof system to extinguish the fire.

BENY says its component-Level Rapid Shutdown BFS-21/22 ensures safe operation of PV systems with fast switching, high reliability, low power consumption, and low cost. It is suitable for various PV systems, including household, commercial, and large-scale power plants. The UL and SunSpec certifications guarantee quality and adaptability. The product can withstand harsh environments, offering a long service life with low maintenance.

In testing, BFS-21/22 demonstrated shutdown in milliseconds for system safety. It works alongside a signal transmitter to automatically control shutdown operations and can instantly shut down panels to 0V in microseconds during abnormal situations.

BENY provides a comprehensive range of safety products for PV systems, including DC Isolator switches, DC Circuit breakers, and DC surge protectors. These solutions ensure security, mitigate system malfunctions, and enhance reliability. As the demand for photovoltaic systems grows, safety protection becomes crucial. BENY remains committed to safety, reliability, efficiency, and innovation, offering advanced safety products and solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of photovoltaic systems.

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