Sunstone Consultant Partner Program provides visible solar loan terms, access to installers

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Solar contractors in 2024 need more financing options to get more solar projects across the finish line, and energy consultants often need more visibility into lending terms. Sunstone Credit, a commercial solar loan platform, launched a new program this week that could help by giving solar energy brokers and consultants easier access to Sunstone’s loan offerings and installer network.

“Sunstone is giving us the tools we need to help our clients go solar without delay, confusion, or compromise,” said Steve Dafnis of EcoLogic Capital. “The Consultant Partner Program makes it much easier to bring terms to borrowers, streamlining how we close sales via solar financing that we know our clients can trust.”

The Sunstone Consultant Partner Program comes after a time of serious growth for Sunstone Credit. Sunstone opened its co-headquarters in Baltimore. The company also recently acquired ORKA Finance, a commercial solar lender, and joined a consortium of investors to buy Sunlight Financial, a residential solar financing company.

In 2023, Sunstone surpassed half a billion dollars in initiated loan applications across the U.S. Sunstone offers flexible loan tenors up to 20 years and continues to expand its affordable financing options via its online platform. Sunstone’s Consultant Partner Program gives consultants and brokers better access to all of that through an online portal.

In February, Sunstone Credit announced a new loan product, Express Loan, aimed at simplifying the application process for small business solar loans under $250,000. Some notable features of Express Loan:

  • Application for an Express Loan is online, takes a few minutes and involves less paperwork than is traditionally required.
  • Loans can be approved without involving multiple stakeholders or layers of approval. The faster approval means customers can move forward with their solar project more quickly, and get a jump start saving money.

“We’re excited to help consultants better serve their client base and make switching to clean energy as simple and hassle-free as possible,” said Duncan Hinkle, co-founder and SVP of Business Development at Sunstone. “With better access to Sunstone’s financing, brokers and consultants will play an important role in helping us make solar more accessible to businesses across the country.”

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